Sunday, 28 February 2010

How to generate your own provisioning document for freebrowsing

Have you been experiencing problemsWHEN YOU want install your mobile operamini and other browsers? Here are simple things you shud do .1.visit and search or type 'myprov' under uploads. Download any,send to a china phone,samsung e.t.c. y? Bcos it does not work on this phones. Then re-send to your nokia fone save and set as default(your nokia fone recognises it as a configuration setting). on the otherhand, you can aswell generate one if you wish! Just visit select the netwrk of your choice,type in any desired proxy wit port 80 (if you are to use on softwares. Enjoy


Migg33 freebrowsing on zain

Download mig33 and use the TCP connection type .enjoy


Free dstv on your computer

This is amazing and terrifying but no troubles. If you notice dis on some sites,most of this internet researchers would ask you to either send them money or otherwise. But am giving dis out straight away because 'what goes around, comes around'. The information is what evry can do,that is no additional internet skill is required. Simply visit 'LIVESTATION.COM' and download for your system. It's about 18MB. Simply run or open the software after download and it'll automatically start it installation ,afterwards you are good to go. NOTE:to carry dis operation out,you need an internet connection. Enjoy


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